Frequently asked questions

Can I book the room online?

Yes, just go to the “our flats” tab in the top menu and choose the room of your interest. The picture will list the current status of the room: free or occupied. All free rooms have active links for Internet booking. Just click “book the room” ling, provide your details and pay the PLN 400 booking deposit. This will reserve the room for you for 14 days. If you don’t sign a tenancy agreement by that time the booking and deposit will be lost. In case of emergencies that make you unable to sign an agreement by that day, please contact us – we will surely find a solution for that.


How can I reduce rent pod room?
Recommend us to your friends who are looking  a room to rent and lower your rent !

For every person who will live in our apartment with your command will lower your rent for a one-off PLN 100 .
What bills are included in the rent?

The rent includes unlimited WiFi access to the Internet and the heating

What are the additional charges and how are the utility bills paid?

The additional charges include bills for utilities like:

  • hot water,
  • cold water,
  • electricity

and are calculated on the basis of the actual use. The average utility bill for a person is approximately PLN 50 a month in all of our flats.

How does a Premium room differ from the Standard one?

There is one Premium room in each flat, that is visibly larger than standard rooms. The Premium rooms are equipped with larger desk and bed and additional equipment – a sofa-bed and a chest of drawers for clothes.

Can I move out prior to the end date of the agreement?

There is the possibility to terminate the agreement prior to its end date. The precondition for that is that you find a person for your place, that is another tenant.

How can I get to my University with public transport?

All bus connections to the desired locations can be checked here: